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Knights of Columbus #2951
Florissant, Missouri 
Duchesne Council

Items of Interest

Pray for the deceased Knights and Ladies.  

Chicken and Fish Fries -  

The Knights hold Chicken & Fish fries to raise money for our charity activities.  Enjoy a good, inexpensive meal as you help those in need.  Get the word out to your family and friends.   

Friday Chicken and Fish Fries: Feb. 8  Click to help>>

If you can’t help, come from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. and enjoy the great food!!

Lenten Fish Fries – Each Friday from March 8 through April 19

3:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Spring Meat Shoots Mar. 17 (will the Knights have green beer?),

Mar. 24 & 31, and Apr. 7

Noon to dusk

Kids Easter Egg Hunt April 13 - click to register>>

Food Truck Knights Apr. 25 (Thursday evening),

June 28, Aug. 16, and Oct. 11 (Friday evenings)

Want more information on Knights events -  

To get more information on the Fish Fries, Mouse Races, Trivia Night, Charity Meat Shoots, Food Truck Knights, Valley of Flowers and more.  >>Click here

“Food Baskets” Reach Many in Need

 Thank you to all who helped, whether it was by your participation in Knights events, packing the food, distributing the food, or delivering the food.  Because of your help the Knights were able to purchase food for 95 food baskets for Thanksgiving and 95 for Christmas.

The Knights will need your continued support in 2019 so that those in need can be helped.  Come to our events.

Upcoming Events

Contact the Grand Knight for more information at Grand.Knight@kofc2951.org

The Knights need the the support of the community to be able to help those in need in the community.  

Visit our Facebook page ”Florissant Duchesne Knights”  click here>>

2019 is off to a great start

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our activities in 2019.

Duchesne Council was able to provide 95 food baskets to families at Thanksgiving and

another 95  food baskets to families at Christmas.

Join us for fun, for great food, and for fellowship with others in the Florissant Community.  How??


In the next few weeks we will have Lenten Fish Fries, Spring Meat Shoots, Food Truck Knights and the Valley of Flowers Festival on May 3 through 5.  

Watch this site as well as Facebook for updates.