Saturday, September 28

Duchesne Home Association Grounds
50 rue St. Francois

Application Deadline – Last Friday in September

(Rain out date Oct. 5)

16 Team Bocce Ball Tournament


Bocce Ball  Application

Knights Council 2951

Florissant Italian Festival

First Come – First Signed Up

Sign in/Practice 11:00 a.m.  

Start 12:00 p.m. 

Goal of the Game – is to roll the bocce balls closet to the target ball known as the “PALLINO.”  There are 4 balls per team. Teams will consist of 2 players (18 years or older) with no substitutions.  One player from each team will be at each end of the court for all frames.  This is a single elimination tournament.  See “House Rules” for details.

 Start of the Game – begins with a draw of a playing card by each captain of the teams. The higher card is the winner and has the first toss of the “PALLINO” and then will make the first toss with the RED ball.

 Playing the Game – The team with the “PALLINO” starts the game by tossing the “PALLINO.”  A legal toss of the “PALLINO” is that it must be past the center line and be at least 12” from the back board of the court (or the other team tosses the “PALLINO”).  If after two tosses and the “PALINO” is not in play, it is placed on the center of the back foul line. The winner of the cards drawn still tosses their first bocce ball (all tosses are underhanded).  All bocce balls must be past the center line and may not hit the back board without hitting either the “PALLINO” or another bocce ball first. If they don’t, they are considered dead and removed from the court until the next frame.  Now, the other team tosses their bocce balls until one is closer to the “PALLINO.”  Teams alternate until all the bocce balls are played.  The winner of the frame starts the next frame.  Brackets are played until 8 frames (except the FINAL WINNERS BRACKET which will be 12 frames) or 12 points.

If there is a tie at the end of the 8 frames (in the final WINNERS BRACKET 12 frames) – all players go to one end of the court / winners of the last frame throw the “PALLINO” and first Bocce ball / remaining players throw one ball alternating teams / closest of the four Bocce balls to the “PALLINO” wins the frame.

Scoring at the End of each Frame – The team with the bocce ball closest to the “PALLINO” gets 1 point for each one closer to the “PALLINO” than their opponent. A bocce ball touching the “PALLINO” is worth 2 points.

 Entry fee is $50 per team / Prize money will be $250 for winner and $150 for runner up

Disruptive behavior, fighting, or arguing with opposing teams or judges is grounds for disqualification. Please remember you are at a family-friendly event.


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Italian Festival Bocce Ball Application
Entry Fee: $50.00
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